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Watch a 3-minute video to hear an overview of The Voyage!

The Voyage Curriculum


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3-minute introductory videos equip educators to activate each character unit with students.


Icon for Lesson <br> Plans

Simple to follow teacher's guides equip educators to effectively implement weekly lessons.


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Weekly animated segments connect familiar characters to key concepts in less than 5 minutes.


Parent Resources
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Opportunities for parent and community engagement reinforce lessons outside the classroom.

Welcome to The Voyage:
Adventures in Character

The Voyage is an elementary school initiative dedicated to transforming students' perspectives of the decisions they make and the actions they take.

We believe character education is the foundation for effective leadership, soft skills, and social-emotional development that enables students to better perform academically and prepare for middle school and beyond.

By combining student-facing curriculum with staff-centric professional development, The Voyage creates a common language school-wide that inspires students to positively influence their classrooms, homes, and communities.

Educator Perspective
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Engage educators with inspiration and motivation to jumpstart The Voyage. Unit overviews, weekly lesson plans, and turnkey activities make it simple to implement this interactive, action-based program school-wide.

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Expose students to 8 character attributes through developmentally appropriate lessons. This includes weekly animated video segments and engaging activities, creating a strong connection between characters and concepts.

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Equip schools with a comprehensive initiative that aligns staff, students, and communities. The Voyage leads to true transformation and equips schools to tell the story of the positive impact happening.

Professional Development for Teachers


Kickoff Experience

Inspiration and information collide in a unique live kickoff for your entire staff.


Development Videos

Teacher development comes alive through bite-sized videos that parallel each unit's character traits, helping educators continue to learn and grow alongside their students.


Discussion Questions

These resources further conversation and create a platform for everyone to grow together.

What's Next?

Adventure Audit

Determine if The Voyage meets the needs of your school's culture.

Complete your Adventure Audit and evaluate if The Voyage is right for your school’s culture and climate needs. Our team is here to assist you in determining the alignment between your identified needs and key components of The Voyage.

Onboarding Kickoff

Professional development session led by an ADDO Ambassador.

Inspiring and motivating your entire school staff is a priority for our team. The Voyage launches with a staff-wide onboarding experience led by an ADDO Ambassador prior to program implementation to ensure you are equipped to lead students on an adventure in character.


Implement The Voyage in your school with a 21st century approach to character education.

Each year on The Voyage contains 8 character units, each teaching a key character attribute. A unit is made up of 4 lessons, for 32 total weekly character lessons over the course of the year. These lessons include an animated video that connects characters to concepts, and developmentally appropriate lessons that engage and equip students to live out what they learn.

Possibility Mindset

The Voyage has the potential to transform your school. A possibility mindset helps this become a reality.

We believe every school is on a voyage to become the most inspiring place on earth. This program will transform your students’ perspectives of the decisions they make and the actions they take, unlocking the unlimited potential for your school.

See The Voyage in Action

Animated Segment: Respect
Educator Kindness Overview
Staff Development
Animated Segment: Courage

We believe leadership skills can and should begin in the early grades, but we had not found an effective program we felt was cost appropriate and fully justified the expense. So, the Fayette County school district partnered with ADDO and for the past 2.5 years have worked collaboratively to create The Voyage. We believe it has the potential be the program that meets the character and leadership development our children need and deserve.

The Voyage resources make it simple to seamlessly integrate character education both in and out of the classroom.

We firmly believe that the implementation of The Voyage has contributed to a 50% decrease in the number of behavior referrals requiring administrative action this year compared to last year. Our students are better socially and emotionally prepared for middle school and beyond.

Our teachers appreciate the ease of use as we have been implementing PBIS with The Voyage. We are seeing a seamless overlap of the two programs and enhanced effectiveness of both. What's nice is that it's not too much to ask of our teachers, and everything they need is right at their fingertips.

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